Our Wide opening makes it easy to apply CastCover Ultra over most casts and bandages. Other products require rolling a latex cover over your cast or wound or inflating with air. Our soft, breathable material is gentler on skin and easily slips over your cast or bandage. A non-latex material ensures a comfortable and non-irritaing experience.

Our buckle closure system ensures a a sung fit and can easily be operated using one hand. Once the cover is on simply insert the clip into the buckle and pull on the loose end.

Our unique double closure system best protects you from moisture. Once the cover is on, gently fold the cover down to expose the internal Velcro closure. Once you have secured the Velcro strap and the cover fits comfortably around your arm or leg, fold the cover back up and then secure with tan buckle and blue strap.

Keeping your cast or wound clean and dry is our main concern. What make our product so unique is the breathable material which allows it to protect you from moisture, sweat and dirt all while remaining cool and comfortable.






  1. Remove cover from packaging and fully extend.

  2. Insert your arm or leg into the cover as shown.

  3. Fully extend the cover over your cast or wound and fold down the top portion as shown.

  4. Secure the inner seal with the velcro strap.

  5. Fold the cover back up over the velcro strap and then secure the outer barrier by inserting the tan clip into the tan buckle and then pulling on the loose end.

  • Please Note:
  • A small amount of water may penetrate the first layer below the tan buckle. This is normal and will not effect the use of the product. Any small amount of water that penetrates this first layer will not get past the inner seal.
  • This product is not designed for swimming or complete submersion under water